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작성자 Jesse Foletta 댓글 0건 조회 10회 작성일 23-11-17 03:14


We sell fresh cards from our private sniffer, bases from our sniffer are marked with the label "RONDASNIFF" in the name of the base.
Other bases from sellers.
Minimum valid in RONDASNIFF databases - 70%
The minimum honest valid in the databases from sellers is 40%
We can install a sniffer on your store, donald trump cc we issue a panel with statistics and automatic uploading of material, we can also sell your cards in our store (ONLY if the cards are from our sniffers, from our partner network), shit bases are not interested - don't waste your time!
We individually consider each situation with the client, trumpcvv we are open to objective criticism and suggestions!
On the market for a year, donald.cvv you can also find us on neighboring boards and donald.cvv read reviews!
We are not chasing quantity, when we realize that the demand in our store is high enough for our supplies, then we will close the registration, we sell only cards of our own production as a priority.


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예약문의 시간 : AM.09.00~PM.20:00
기업은행 010-9887-8180 이승희
주소 : 경기도 양평군 양동면 금왕리 29
본점소재지주소 : 서울 중구 을지로 148, 1503호(을지로3가,드림오피스타운)
업체 : 주식회사 자필닷컴(바오하우스) 대표자 : 박이철 사업자번호 : 743-85-00313